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Explore Viking Products Anytime, Anywhere with Virtual Viking

At Viking, we're committed to making training accessible to all. That's why we've developed Virtual Viking—a cutting-edge virtual reality (VR) platform that allows users to explore Viking’s product functionality from anywhere, at any time. Immerse yourself in interactive learning where you can witness firsthand the intensity of a fire within a building and observe how it is effectively controlled through the use of a Viking fire protection system.

Virtual Viking lets you step into a VR environment where you can practice resetting wet, dry, deluge, and preaction systems through available courses. You’ll also gain hands-on experience with components like detection devices and releasing devices such as the pneumatic actuator or electric solenoid, allowing you to familiarize yourself with their functions and operations. These interactive simulations and immersive experiences allow fire protection professionals to take advantage of Viking’s training all from the convenience of their home or office.


Where can I access Virtual Viking?

VV Home screen-01

The Virtual Viking program sets high standards for authenticity and realism, ensuring that participants are fully immersed in the Viking experience. The program requirements, outlined in detail here, cover hardware specifications and operating system requirements as well as recommended VR equipment.

Virtual Viking is available to download through Steam, a popular online gaming platform. In addition, Virtual Viking offers a desktop experience option, allowing users to explore without VR, but can be used with a VR headset for the complete immersive experience.


The Latest Advancements to Virtual Viking

  1. Menu Design

Virtual Viking has a sleek new menu design encompassing everything on one screen, creating a better overall user experience.New Menu VV Image-01

  1. Detailed Overview

Users will now be able to see the number of courses and the estimated run time of the courses they have selected for their session.

  1. Filter Courses

Now equipped with an intuitive filter system, users can navigate through courses to quickly find what is relevant to them.

  1. New Added Courses

You can now find the F1 and VXD Hydraulic courses available on Virtual Viking! These courses introduce a novel class known as a "Startup," guiding users through the process of initiating the system for the first time. Additionally, the F1 and VXD Hydraulic courses now include an updated map feature integrated into the program.

VXD VV Image-01F-1 VV Image-01




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