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New Virtual Viking training simulation takes users to new heights

Which applications are protected by which Viking products, and why? How would the design of fire suppression for a commercial office differ from an apartment, or a parking garage? Immerse yourself in Virtual Viking's NEW "Product in Location" training experience and see for yourself.

First things first... what's Virtual Viking?

Virtual Viking is a first-of-its-kind VR training tool that allows users to learn about Viking products, system designs and product interaction. The portable program is a durable and engaging training experience for fire protection professionals — its interactive experiences (which allow users to perform tasks such as resetting Viking valves) offer ground-breaking training experience for participants. 

How can you get access to Virtual Viking?

It's simple. Click here for more information about system requirements and download it on Steam.

Cutting-edge training experiences await!

So what's the latest with Virtual Viking?

Unrivaled training solutions are always evolving with Virtual Viking, and its latest of the bunch is the all-new “Product in Location” module. Product in Location is a guided experience where users can take an exciting trip through MV Tower, which is a multi-purpose high-rise structure fully protected by Viking Products. With the use of virtual hands, users are guided through a variety of product applications where interaction is possible in so many ways. Users can observe and adjust product features, demonstrate product activations, and modify things like finishes and temperatures.

Product in Location showcases the impressive range of the Viking product line, giving users the ability to grab and interact with the sprinklers and valves. This experience focuses on adding a new level of familiarity with Viking products that more traditional mediums can’t offer. The added convenience of being able to bring an entire building full of Viking products right to the user’s doorstep is an incredibly useful tool for promoting products that are the best fit for their job.


Product in Location screen shot



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