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Buy American Act Compliance & Viking’s Role in Product Availability

If you're a business that contracts with the Federal government, you may be subject to the Buy American Act. This law requires Federal contracting officers to prioritize domestic end products in the pricing evaluation process. Essentially, if you want to win a government contract, you need to use products that are made in the USA. It's also crucial that you're aware of the pending changes related to the program and what they mean.

So, what are the requirements of the Buy American Act? First, the procurement must be intended for public use within the United States. This means that if you're providing goods or services to the government, those goods or services must be intended for use within the USA. Second, the items to be procured or the materials from which they are manufactured must be present in the United States in sufficient and reasonably available commercial quantities of a satisfactory quality.

For non-iron and non-steel products, at least 60% of the cost of components used to produce the product MUST be domestically manufactured to satisfy the Buy American Act. This percentage will increase to 65% in calendar year 2024 and 75% in calendar year 2029. It's critical that these increases are monitored and understood.

However, this 60% cost of components test is waived for commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) items. Most of Viking's products are COTS items, which makes compliance with the Buy American Act easier for their customers.

For iron and steel products, more than 95% of the cost of components must be domestic to satisfy Buy American Act requirements. This means that if you're providing iron and steel products to the government, you need to make sure that almost all of the components are made in the USA!

You can trust Viking to provide compliant products! Their extensive list of valves and trim are compatible with the current Buy American Act requirements. With Viking, you can rest assured that you're sourcing the best solution for your next Federal government job.

Viking has even created a webtool to make compliance with the Buy American Act even easier. The Buy American Act Sourcing Tool allows you to easily find products that meet the requirements of the law. This makes it easier for businesses to comply with the law and win government contracts.

So how do you ensure compliance? Shop the brand that’s Trusted above all.™ 


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