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Viking SupplyNet's expansion means better service, more space for customers

Viking SupplyNet, an industry-leading distributor of fire protection products, hit a milestone with its recent achievements through opening three new branches in less than that many months.

June and July brought customers in the Nashville, TN, Kansas City, MO and Livermore, CA newly updated and expanded locations, even offering more fabrication possibilities in some instances.

Kansas City, MO

In June, Viking SupplyNet announced the move of Kansas City, MO's branch. The new facility is still located within its current building – making it a simple and convenient move for customers already familiar with the branch.

The location will continue to serve Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa and Northern Arkansas. The Kansas City branch is just north of downtown Kansas City and 15 minutes from the new Kansas City International Airport, Arrowhead Stadium, and Kansas Speedway. Without loyal customer investment, Viking SupplyNet’s expansion and continued growth would not be what it is today.

“After 12 years, it’s exciting to upgrade the Viking SupplyNet Kansas City branch,” notes Joe Bardowski, Vice President – Operations. “With the new move, we were able to go from a 43,000-square-foot facility to a 100,000-square-foot facility, and expand our fabrication capacity to better support our customers’ continual growth.”


“Our strategic repositioning of the branches is truly a testament to how dedicated we are to our expansion efforts, and we’re looking forward to better serving our customers."

Joe Bardowski, Vice President — Operations


Nashville, TN

Nashville's branch moved in July to a newly constructed facility, providing a friendlier and more professional experience for customers and team members. 

The new location, which is a 63,000 sq ft facility, doubles Nashville’s current fabrication capacity! The Nashville branch, now just 16 miles away from the airport and conveniently positioned by two major highway systems, is only 9 miles from the popular tourist destination, Opryland.

Nashville's new location, coupled with the expansion of fabrication capabilities, is truly a testament to how dedicated the organization is to expansion efforts.

Livermore, CA

Viking SupplyNet's presence near the San Francisco Bay Area made a short move from Hayward to Livermore in July. The facility’s move represents the fast-paced and continual growth of Viking SupplyNet and Viking SupplyNet’s fabrication services.

Livermore’s branch is just 1.7 miles away from the Vasco Commuter Rail, 40 minutes away from Oakland International Airport and 50 minutes away from the San Jose International Airport. Plus, with easy access from the 580 freeway, existing and new customers will find convenience when commuting to the new location.

Viking SupplyNet's growth near the San Francisco Bay Area doesn’t stop with just moving locations. 2024 will introduce a second fabrication line in Livermore, meaning additional capabilities and more customer jobs.





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