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Viking Recognizes Fire Prevention Week™ with Employee Activities and Education

At Viking, safety is always at the heart of our mission. Our commitment to protecting lives and property is unwavering, and Fire Prevention Week provides a unique opportunity to amplify our message of fire safety. Our goals for this special week were clear:

1. Educate Our Employees About Fire Safety: Fire safety is not just a workplace concern; it's a matter that touches every aspect of our lives. We aimed to educate our employees about the critical importance of fire safety, both at home and in their communities. We recognize that well-informed individuals can take proactive steps to prevent fires and respond effectively in case of emergencies.

2. Promote Fellowship: One of our primary objectives was to foster camaraderie among our team members, regardless of their roles within the organization. We firmly believe that a united workforce is a stronger one. Fire Prevention Week provided an ideal platform to bring everyone together, working toward a common cause.

3. Instill Pride in Our Employees: Our employees play a vital role in the life-saving work we do. We wanted to make sure they felt a deep sense of pride in their contributions to fire prevention and safety, wherever they sit in the organization.

4. Have Fun: Last but not least, we recognized that learning and bonding are most effective when they are enjoyable. We strived to make Fire Prevention Week a fun and engaging experience for all. After all, when people enjoy what they're doing, the impact is greater and more enduring.

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Week-Long Initiatives

From coloring pages that sparked conversations about fire safety to the classic Candy Guessing Game, each activity we planned was meant to reinforce our objectives for the week.

Monday, October 9th - "Pop, Drop and Roll" Day

The week kicked off with "Pop, Drop and Roll" Day. We distributed popcorn to our branches and encouraged employees to enjoy it while engaging with tabletop displays. The photos shared on Viva Engage, our internal communications platform, showcased the fun our team had while learning about fire safety.

Tuesday, October 10th - Fire Drill & Preparedness Day

This day was all about action. Branches due for a fire drill put their preparedness to the test, while others reinforced safety standards. The anticipation for "Wear Red Wednesday" grew, and Viva Engage buzzed with activity as employees shared their commitment to fire safety.

Wednesday, October 11th - "Wear Red Wednesday"

On "Wear Red Wednesday," we painted Viking Group, Inc. in shades of red. The symbolism was unmistakable: we stand together for fire safety. Photos flooded our platform, creating a sea of red and showcasing the unity and pride of our employees across the United States.

Thursday, October 12th - Kids & Family Day

On this special day, we emphasized the importance of involving our families in the fire safety conversation. Employees shared heartfelt moments as they colored with their loved ones and discussed fire safety plans. The day reinforced the idea that our commitment to safety extends beyond the workplace.

Friday, October 13th - Trivia Day

Our week of activities concluded with Trivia Day, a day of fun and learning. Participants engaged in lively trivia games, competing for a new fire extinguisher, generously donated by Strike First. The day was a testament to the fact that learning can be enjoyable and that we can have fun while reinforcing our commitment to fire safety.

Our employees are not only more informed about fire safety but also more united, proud of their contributions, and they had a lot of fun along the way. Fire safety is a year-round commitment, and together, we will continue to make a positive impact on our workplaces, homes, and communities. Stay safe, and let's keep the spirit of fire prevention alive every day!