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freezemaster™ Antifreeze “Easiest-to-Use” Listed Antifreeze Says Field Expertise, Online Resources

It’s been nearly three years since the commercialization of UL listed freezemaster™ antifreeze through Viking SupplyNet. Since its launch, Viking and Lubrizol have collectively sold hundreds of thousands of gallons and trained over 1,500 industry professionals and counting.

freezemaster antifreeze was an instant success because it…

  • Is the only antifreeze UL listed for use with galvanized piping systems
  • Does not have a minimum operating pressure requirement in its listing, unlike other antifreezes
  • Is colored blue for easier identification of a fully flushed system
  • Has proven superior corrosion and MIC inhibition
  • Is backed by Viking and Lubrizol – experts in antifreeze and fire sprinkler systems

freezemaster Antifreeze Helpful Tools & Resources for the Field

As with any new product – especially one in a relatively new product category like listed antifreeze – we’ve received a lot of questions along the way. We’ve worked with our customer base to develop easily accessible tools and resources to make installing and inspecting freezemaster antifreeze systems easier than ever before.

  1. Guide to Refractometers

The tools and procedures to test listed antifreezes differ from those used to test nonlisted, legacy antifreeze solutions, specifically when measuring refractive index. Lubrizol recommends the use of refractometers: Fischer Scientific #12561346 or Reichert Technologies #13940000, both sold by Viking SupplyNet. This guide walks you through the entire process.

Fun fact: Did you know that freezemaster antifreeze’s UL listing allows the use of either a hydrometer or a refractometer for testing freezemaster, while a competitor’s antifreeze is only listed for use with a hydrometer?

  1. freezemaster antifreeze Volume Calculator

Input the type of piping (SCH 10 steel, SCH 40 steel, or BlazeMaster CPVC), drop sizes and lengths, and expansion tank details (if applicable) and this calculator will help you estimate how much freezemaster antifreeze you need for a project. You can even save the project for easy reference in the future.

  1. AHJ Reference Sheet

This tool provides code officials a straightforward checklist to streamline the inspection of freezemaster antifreeze systems.

  1. freezemaster Antifreeze Installation Guide

The installation guide is part of freezemaster antifreeze’s UL listing. It includes solution properties, viscosities, densities, design requirements, hydraulic calculations, disposal recommendations, and more. Everything you need to know about the listing, suitable design, and proper installation of freezemaster antifreeze is in this guide.

  1. freezemaster™ antifreeze FAQ Sheet

You’ve asked, we’ve answered. This guide addresses hot topics and frequently asked questions about freezemaster antifreeze.

All of these resources and more are available at And, as always, you can reach out to us at if you need additional support.