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The Ultimate Solution for Faster Floor Control Installations

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Fire sprinkler systems can be time-consuming and complicated to install, especially when it comes to the floor control and riser components. AGF Manufacturing understands the challenges faced by contractors and has developed the ultimate solution: Ultimate RiserPACK Kits.

The Ultimate RiserPACK Kits provide all the required NFPA 13 floor control components preassembled, saving valuable time during installation. The kits feature a steel manifold (2” to 8”), butterfly valve or check valve or both, a 4” Model 7500 pressure gauge, a 3-way universal gauge valve, an AGF Model 2511A TESTANDRAIN valve with a flexible drain line, a water flow alarm switch with retard, and a Model 7000L lockable pressure relief valve (175 PSI) with drain trim. Other PSI ratings are also available (200, 225, or 300). The 6” and 8” models are packaged in two pieces for easier handling during installation.

All components in the kit are field adjustable and can be rotated to suit operation requirements or installation restrictions and can be oriented vertically or horizontally with left or right flow. The components are UL Listed, FM Approved, and provide the ultimate solution for contractors looking to expedite installations. For model numbers, visit AGF’s website 

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